Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Pictures

When you go to take picture with a dog that loves the snow this is what happens when he finds a big snow ball that he wants to play with. We went up Springville Canyon to take some winter photos. It was so much fun to see what kind of snow was up there. I wasn't sure if there was ton of snow or just alittle.
As we watch Harley take the snow ball out with his paws digging and biting at the snow I thought to my self dogs are happy with just a little fun. It doesn't take much for them to be entertain. If we could only be that entertain so easy as humans.

After all the snow ball fun we got some great pictures of us with Harley. Here is one after we got Harley to just sit there and look at the camera.

I love taking pictures with Curtis they always turn out so good. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Birthday's Glore

Birthdays Glore starts at our house from November 19- December 7.
See I don't know what my parents where thinking? Out of 6 kids, 4 of us celebrate our birthday with in a week of each other. We start out with Jaisha birthday it is the 19 of November. Then come Cyndal is the 23 of November. After Cyndal birthday Weston is just a few days later on November 28. We do have a little break because my birthday is December 7. So with the holidays and all the birthdays November through December is so busy with my family. What is even more funny my mom and dad don't really need to remember much because Kenden Birthady is March 5 then Tyrell is August 5. They have it pretty easy. Idon't have picture of Cyndal because I forgot my camera.

Curtis and I at the First Presidency Christmas Devotional the day before my birthday.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall is Here

I really love how much color there is in the leafs at this time of year. I wanted to take some pictures the other day knowing that the leafs only stay vibration for a few weeks. We went up the canyon here in Mapleton. There was some color but not tons. So after looking for the right spot to park. We got out of the car, I had told Curtis that I want a camera that can take really tight pictures. The ones that are like 400 and more. Well I took my camera that he bought me a few years ago. It is a great camera but doesn't do really tight shots. It works great but not for pro. shoots like I wanted to do. As we got out of the car Curtis grab the camera out of my hand. I thought great he doesn't want to do this at all. He going to take the camera walk a few steps with me and say, Well we came up here and look it time to go. So I grab for the camera again, but Curtis took the camera one more time I was so upset with him taking the camera out of my hands. But when he took the camera from my hands the second time he pulled a new camera out from under his shirt. He said, you don't need that one you have this one. I was about to cry. He had never been able to pull off a surprise before now. His cousin was keeping it in his room. I was totally surprise that is hard to do with me because I have to know everything that is going on.

With this new camera I wanted to take tons of pictures to get the feel for the camera and just to have some fun. The pictures are taken up Mapleton Canyon and up Provo Canyon. They were two different day. I think Curtis doesn't like going with me to take pictures. So for all of you who are loving the fall go take some picture of the great colors out there.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Working the First Fire.

When Curtis was at his first fire I was looking online to see what was going on with this fire. Where he would be fighting it what it was like there. I looked all over online and found a local news station that had been reporting the fire. I think if this fire wasn't so close to homes I would have found little on the fire. It was hard to go and think what was going on with him was he ok.

When I found the local news station everyday I was checking on what was going on because if something were to happen to Curtis it would tell my on there news station. I know not all of the fires he will go to will report on local new what is going on. But for this being his first fire and I was able to see what was going on was so reassuring to me that he would be ok.

The time he spend there was amazing. We only spoke during the night at like 10 pm. When he called me the conversation was only for about 15 to 45 mins long then he was to tired to talk anymore. It made it kinda hard use to talk to your best friend anytime you wanted to. Then to go to talking only once a day and maybe getting a txt sometime during his lunch.

I know what he is doing is importance to other people and there lives because without a wildland fire fighter, some people wouldn't have a home to go to. He makes it possible for people to live with out fear of losing all they have.

When he was on his way home they all stop at a local walmart. Why they were there a man walked up to them as they were sitting waiting to leave and thanked them from what they had done. He said that his daughter house was almost taken by the fire. He was go grateful for what they had done. Even those it was not my husband that had saved her house the guy was so thankful for what they had done. Wildland fire fighters just don't work as one person they work as a team. Without the handcrew, helicopters, fire engines and hotshot crews none of the fire would be put out they can't put out a fire without the other firefighters. I am happy that there are men and women who will fight the fire so we all can have our homes and land save from the orange, red, and purple hell who loves to take everything out in its path.

Friday, July 17, 2009



Curtis was getting ready for his first fire of the season. I was wanting him to go to a fire much earlier then July 16. I want his first fire to be after the June 18. The month of June came and gone. There was not one fire he went to. Then here comes the 4 of July someone must be dumb and go light off some fireworks in the mountains some where. Nope the 4 th came and gone just like June. I kept telling everyone that he need to go on a fire soon. There is a website that you can see what the fires are doing and where they are at. I was checking it everyday to see if there was one that he might be going to. As I check a new fire would show up then two day later it would be gone. Poof the fire was all taken care of no need for my hubbie to go fight it.

But here came another option, my uncle need someone to change his water in his fields. So my husband said I will do it. Well as that week started I was still wishing that he would go on a fire. Well as the week went on I thought he will not go to a fire he will just stay home for the whole summer. Then after a my husband staying up for a full 48 hours of changing water I came home from working on the bus. Its was 9:00 am I had not slept good that night with my husband phone going off to tell him it was time to get up and change the water. I walk over to the bed lay down. We were laying there for about 5 min. when all of a sudden his phone start to ring. As they were talking I thought it was one of our friends calling to ask him a favor. But as they talk I start to realize he was going to a fire. He got off the phone and looked at me and said I am going on a fire and I need to be there in 2 hours. A shock of oh my it has happened, came over my face. I didn't know what to say. Then all of a sudden the wife in me said, we need to get him ready. As I we were getting everything ready I couldn't help but start to cry. I want him to go to a fire but stay home how could he do that. There is no way we need him to go to work.


It had came the fire that I want him to go came. I was not ready to let him just leave so quick. There was stuff we were going to do. I knew that the first fire was going to be the hardest. Because after that fire was done he comes home for 2 days then goes back out. Its that first fire that you don't know when its going to come. You could be in a movie or out on a date when the call comes. But when you do get that first call its all emotions hit you at once.


For all you who have fire fighter just remember that they are only gone for a few. They will be home to love you and be with you sooner then you think. I want my husband to know its a brave thing to fight fires. I also know that they need your help to put it out. So I am willing to let you be away for awhile. After all I get to have you forever, a fire only last for a little while.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I thought would start sharing with you all what is going on in my life other then my scrapbooking. When December 2008 (so the Christmas we just had) my husbands great grandma passed away. His family is from Washington. We went up there the weekend of December 12-16. We had planned on coming back the 15th but there was that first winter storm of the season. We end up staying in Idaho the 15 to the 16 . We went the rest of the way home on the 16. Well, while we were on our way up there my husband work called and said don't worrie about being here on Tuesday it fine. When we got home he never went back to work. See he was in excavation and worked on a scraper. They layed him off tell there was work. Well come February and still he was not back to work I thought he would be back to work for sure in January.
One of our friends told us about the county wildland fire needing help and they were hiring. So my husband put in application in and got the job. But they really didn't start any work until now. He took a class at the end of March to the 9th of April. This class was for him to receive his red card. Then for the last two weeks he has been doing hands on training. He goes live June 1 which mean when there is a fire he is gone. I have handle him being gone before with his last job for a week at a time but now he could be gone for 2 to 4 weeks at a time. He would not just be here at home he goes to other states.
I know it will be hard because I have had him home for the last 5 months, but I am so happy that he is working again. To all those who have loved ones gone for whatever it may be, firefighter, army, navy, or any other job that take them away for long periods of time. I know how you feel and I am always praying for those who are not with there love ones every night.
The ones who don't have them come home at 5 every night go to sleep in a empty bed or go into a empty bedroom. Its hard but they do it for us.

( Here is a picture of my handsome hubby)

I love my husband for working so hard for me. I know he wants to give me the best. The next 5 months will be hard but worth it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

CTMH Summer Idea Book and Tickled Pink Campaign

We're tickled pink to announce our new Idea book and New Tickled Pink Campaign for Close To My Heart. You are invited to attend out event/ Open house to learn New Techniques, Ideas and have loads of fun. Come Join Us on Saturday May 9th 2009. Provo Pioneer Park located at 500 W. Center street. From 9 am to 2 pm. Come and go as you please! We will have tables for you to Crop and Create. Bring your scrapbooking supplies and get away to get some pages done! Mention that you read this ad and receive $5 off an order or $30 or more. Only valid tell August 31, 2009 through me.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I did my first workshop the other day and this is what we made out of coasters. I hope you enjoy it. All of if it is CTMH product.








Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentines Card easy to make

This card is so easy to make.

Card size: 4 1/2 x 5 1/2

The heart size: 2 x 5

The black base: is a 1/2inch around the hearts.

The stamp sets used were: heartfelt and hearthrob.

Colors used was crandberry, parchment, hollyhock, black and white.

I hope you like this card. I made it for a card swap.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines Card

This is one that I also did for my open house it was a hard on to figure out.
Base is: 5 1/2 x 3 1/2
Heart is: 3 x 3
Love you is: 1 1/2 x 1 1/2
The color are tuilp, chocolate, and coionial white.
I really hope you like it.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spring Card

So here is a card with the Emporium Creative Basic paper packet, Dream big stamp set, heartfelt stamp set, and thefrendship stamp set (no longer avalible).
The card size: 4 2/5 x 5 1/2
Flowers size: 1 x 1
Flowers background: 2 2/5 x 2 2/5
Flowers and sweet leaf green base for each : 3 3/8 x 5 1/2
I inked the sweet leaf with the same color. Inked the flower base with twilight. The four flowers in the middle were ink with the cocoa. "Spring" was stamped in vineberry and "love" in cocoa. The ribbon is vineberry and sweet leaf.
I hope you like this card. I wanted to do something with the Dream big stamp set. This is what I came up with I hope you all like it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year with lots of New ideas

So I will be having a open house on January 28 th from 7-9 pm. It is at 879 s. orem blvd. suite # 1. Come for some fun and projects. I will be giving away prize for coming. The tickets you can earn are : 1 for coming, 1 bring friend (per), 3 for an order of $25, 4 booking a party, 4 signing up for a class or workshop, 7 if you RSVP. Hope to see you there. If you mention that you seen this on my blog then I will give you $5 off a order.