Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall is Here

I really love how much color there is in the leafs at this time of year. I wanted to take some pictures the other day knowing that the leafs only stay vibration for a few weeks. We went up the canyon here in Mapleton. There was some color but not tons. So after looking for the right spot to park. We got out of the car, I had told Curtis that I want a camera that can take really tight pictures. The ones that are like 400 and more. Well I took my camera that he bought me a few years ago. It is a great camera but doesn't do really tight shots. It works great but not for pro. shoots like I wanted to do. As we got out of the car Curtis grab the camera out of my hand. I thought great he doesn't want to do this at all. He going to take the camera walk a few steps with me and say, Well we came up here and look it time to go. So I grab for the camera again, but Curtis took the camera one more time I was so upset with him taking the camera out of my hands. But when he took the camera from my hands the second time he pulled a new camera out from under his shirt. He said, you don't need that one you have this one. I was about to cry. He had never been able to pull off a surprise before now. His cousin was keeping it in his room. I was totally surprise that is hard to do with me because I have to know everything that is going on.

With this new camera I wanted to take tons of pictures to get the feel for the camera and just to have some fun. The pictures are taken up Mapleton Canyon and up Provo Canyon. They were two different day. I think Curtis doesn't like going with me to take pictures. So for all of you who are loving the fall go take some picture of the great colors out there.