Monday, July 27, 2009

Working the First Fire.

When Curtis was at his first fire I was looking online to see what was going on with this fire. Where he would be fighting it what it was like there. I looked all over online and found a local news station that had been reporting the fire. I think if this fire wasn't so close to homes I would have found little on the fire. It was hard to go and think what was going on with him was he ok.

When I found the local news station everyday I was checking on what was going on because if something were to happen to Curtis it would tell my on there news station. I know not all of the fires he will go to will report on local new what is going on. But for this being his first fire and I was able to see what was going on was so reassuring to me that he would be ok.

The time he spend there was amazing. We only spoke during the night at like 10 pm. When he called me the conversation was only for about 15 to 45 mins long then he was to tired to talk anymore. It made it kinda hard use to talk to your best friend anytime you wanted to. Then to go to talking only once a day and maybe getting a txt sometime during his lunch.

I know what he is doing is importance to other people and there lives because without a wildland fire fighter, some people wouldn't have a home to go to. He makes it possible for people to live with out fear of losing all they have.

When he was on his way home they all stop at a local walmart. Why they were there a man walked up to them as they were sitting waiting to leave and thanked them from what they had done. He said that his daughter house was almost taken by the fire. He was go grateful for what they had done. Even those it was not my husband that had saved her house the guy was so thankful for what they had done. Wildland fire fighters just don't work as one person they work as a team. Without the handcrew, helicopters, fire engines and hotshot crews none of the fire would be put out they can't put out a fire without the other firefighters. I am happy that there are men and women who will fight the fire so we all can have our homes and land save from the orange, red, and purple hell who loves to take everything out in its path.

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