Friday, July 17, 2009



Curtis was getting ready for his first fire of the season. I was wanting him to go to a fire much earlier then July 16. I want his first fire to be after the June 18. The month of June came and gone. There was not one fire he went to. Then here comes the 4 of July someone must be dumb and go light off some fireworks in the mountains some where. Nope the 4 th came and gone just like June. I kept telling everyone that he need to go on a fire soon. There is a website that you can see what the fires are doing and where they are at. I was checking it everyday to see if there was one that he might be going to. As I check a new fire would show up then two day later it would be gone. Poof the fire was all taken care of no need for my hubbie to go fight it.

But here came another option, my uncle need someone to change his water in his fields. So my husband said I will do it. Well as that week started I was still wishing that he would go on a fire. Well as the week went on I thought he will not go to a fire he will just stay home for the whole summer. Then after a my husband staying up for a full 48 hours of changing water I came home from working on the bus. Its was 9:00 am I had not slept good that night with my husband phone going off to tell him it was time to get up and change the water. I walk over to the bed lay down. We were laying there for about 5 min. when all of a sudden his phone start to ring. As they were talking I thought it was one of our friends calling to ask him a favor. But as they talk I start to realize he was going to a fire. He got off the phone and looked at me and said I am going on a fire and I need to be there in 2 hours. A shock of oh my it has happened, came over my face. I didn't know what to say. Then all of a sudden the wife in me said, we need to get him ready. As I we were getting everything ready I couldn't help but start to cry. I want him to go to a fire but stay home how could he do that. There is no way we need him to go to work.


It had came the fire that I want him to go came. I was not ready to let him just leave so quick. There was stuff we were going to do. I knew that the first fire was going to be the hardest. Because after that fire was done he comes home for 2 days then goes back out. Its that first fire that you don't know when its going to come. You could be in a movie or out on a date when the call comes. But when you do get that first call its all emotions hit you at once.


For all you who have fire fighter just remember that they are only gone for a few. They will be home to love you and be with you sooner then you think. I want my husband to know its a brave thing to fight fires. I also know that they need your help to put it out. So I am willing to let you be away for awhile. After all I get to have you forever, a fire only last for a little while.

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Audrey McCormick said...

This is definately something to be very proud of. You should use that amazing journaling and those photos to make a scrapbook layout for him. He is amazing for all that he does for others. Thanks for your understanding, without it his job would be even harder.