Thursday, May 21, 2009


I thought would start sharing with you all what is going on in my life other then my scrapbooking. When December 2008 (so the Christmas we just had) my husbands great grandma passed away. His family is from Washington. We went up there the weekend of December 12-16. We had planned on coming back the 15th but there was that first winter storm of the season. We end up staying in Idaho the 15 to the 16 . We went the rest of the way home on the 16. Well, while we were on our way up there my husband work called and said don't worrie about being here on Tuesday it fine. When we got home he never went back to work. See he was in excavation and worked on a scraper. They layed him off tell there was work. Well come February and still he was not back to work I thought he would be back to work for sure in January.
One of our friends told us about the county wildland fire needing help and they were hiring. So my husband put in application in and got the job. But they really didn't start any work until now. He took a class at the end of March to the 9th of April. This class was for him to receive his red card. Then for the last two weeks he has been doing hands on training. He goes live June 1 which mean when there is a fire he is gone. I have handle him being gone before with his last job for a week at a time but now he could be gone for 2 to 4 weeks at a time. He would not just be here at home he goes to other states.
I know it will be hard because I have had him home for the last 5 months, but I am so happy that he is working again. To all those who have loved ones gone for whatever it may be, firefighter, army, navy, or any other job that take them away for long periods of time. I know how you feel and I am always praying for those who are not with there love ones every night.
The ones who don't have them come home at 5 every night go to sleep in a empty bed or go into a empty bedroom. Its hard but they do it for us.

( Here is a picture of my handsome hubby)

I love my husband for working so hard for me. I know he wants to give me the best. The next 5 months will be hard but worth it.

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