Saturday, December 12, 2009

Birthday's Glore

Birthdays Glore starts at our house from November 19- December 7.
See I don't know what my parents where thinking? Out of 6 kids, 4 of us celebrate our birthday with in a week of each other. We start out with Jaisha birthday it is the 19 of November. Then come Cyndal is the 23 of November. After Cyndal birthday Weston is just a few days later on November 28. We do have a little break because my birthday is December 7. So with the holidays and all the birthdays November through December is so busy with my family. What is even more funny my mom and dad don't really need to remember much because Kenden Birthady is March 5 then Tyrell is August 5. They have it pretty easy. Idon't have picture of Cyndal because I forgot my camera.

Curtis and I at the First Presidency Christmas Devotional the day before my birthday.

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