Thursday, January 14, 2010

Called to Serve

I am so excited to say that my little brother is going on a his mission to................ North Carolina. Weston is such a smart kid. I am so proud of him. When my other brother called to tell me he was going to North Carolina I went to post it on my facebook and a put that he was going to South Carolina I had to call back to see when he is going. When I called I forgot to ask if it was South or North he was going to, so I had Curtis call Tyrell back to see where it was for sure Weston was going.

After I found out where he was going I start to think of all the thing he would see out there. I wanted to know how long it would take to get from utah to North Carolina so if I need to go get my little brother I knew how long it would take to go there. But can't go and get him until his two years are up. I also went looking to see how long it would take for him to get from one side of the state to the other. For anyone to go from east to west it will take 5 hours to go from south to north take 3 hours. I start to also look at North Carolina state website to get a feel for what was there. I found out alot, they have mountains ( not sure if they are as high as our rocky), snow, lakes, sand and the ocean. They do have alot of other things there but it would take awhile to look at it all.
Weston is going places in his life. I sure hope that he finds out alot about his Heavenly Father and what other people are like in other places. I know North Carolina was not what he had in mind. But that is were his Heavenly Father wants him to go. When I think about him going on this mission my grandma A comes in to my mind. The last time we were able to talk to her, was a few weeks before she passed away. We went to see her Weston had some long hair going on. My Grandma A asked him if he had read the whole Book of Mormon, Weston said no not yet. Well Grandma A replied you better have that read by the time you come back next Sunday. That was in one week when she said that to him, Weston had a look on his face like, I will try but I don't know if I can, kind of I can look. She also asked him what was up with his hair? It was so long. When we went home that day I guess Weston though he should cut his hair off for my Grandma A.

Later that week he did cut it off. He want to show Grandma A that he was listening to her and what she had to say. We never made it back down to show Grandma A his hair was cut. Just like a missionary has there hair cut. When fast Sunday came Weston had to tell everyone that he knew that he was to cut his hair off to serve a mission. He knew that was what the Lord wanted him to do. Our Heavenly Father was telling him that thought my Grandma A and not was it the Lord but also was a wish for my Grandma A to have him go serve a mission.

I wish my Grandma A could be here to see him go on a mission but I know she is watching up in heaven smiling at him. Weston is such a great person who I am proud to be his big sister. I pray and hope that his mission bring him such a great glory. That when he comes home he can look back and say look I serve you well my Heavenly Father.
Weston I want you to know that you are a one of a kind of person. I love you.

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