Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am so proud of you!!!!!

When someone you love take a big leap of faith it make you think. Have I taken a leap of faith lately? When my brother was getting ready for his mission I just knew that is where he need to be right now. He is so amazing to go out for 2 years with out seeing his family and having them with him all time.

Another act of faith is going to the temple is where you are suppost to be. When we go to the temple we are having faith in our Heavenly Father. That is want he wants for us is to be with him and our familys forever.

I am so proud that 2 people in my life who have gone throught the temple the past few months. I am also proud of the ones who have went with Mindy and Weston. It is a blessing to those who go with the ones who are going throught the temple. They are our love and support. They also know that there is faith, love and many blessing in going to the temple.

To Weston, Mindy, Mom, Catherine, and Grandpa Millett I am so happy that you have done this great act. Without this we couldn't be together forever. I am looking forward to the day that you all can be there with me when I go to be sealed to my husband forever. I am so happy that you all support us the way you do.

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